Saturday, November 19, 2005

the subway poems: After all

After all

I smiled at the sea, and
the sea
smiled at me.
The pain that was

started set me free.

One night
was all I had to hold you

when stars fell and the moon
crept at our feet.

One day was not enough
to last
a lifetime
as the night was all

we had to dream.

Memory is the music
that makes

my heart sing, and everything
falls in between
the shadows and
the road
that leads me from where

you are.

Let me drown in
your harbour,

let me fall from your eyes
like tears on this window

And I saw what my life
could have been,

and all it foretold, standing
on Northhampton Road.

Let me fall into your arms
let me fall from grace
to say this last

goodbye, as I smile at the sea
and the sea
turns from me.

The pain that was started
must be.

Photo: Varanasi, India, as dawn breaks on the Ganges river. 1993


Monica said...

Beautiful Poem... Wonderful Picture... Interesting Blog :)

Ricardo Sánchez said...

Beautiful picture. Too bad is a bit blurry. Beautiful poem.

shadows said...

amazing picture
and a beautiful poem...