Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Frontline Angola (landmines)

During the height of the civil war in Angola, which ended with a definitive peace in 2002 after almost thirty years of conflict, tens of thousands of civilians were killed and as many as 80,000 people injured and mamed as a result of the indiscrimate use of landmines. In towns such as Luena, where this picture was taken during back in 1993 when rebel forces from UNITA advanced towards the eastern plains of this African country, I entered the local hospital to find a young man, crippled and wrapping medical gauze, for the walking and the wounded.

Richard Emblin/1993

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Anonymous said...

so much war happening all around the world....its heartbraking to see man just moving in a dirction of nothing...in the hope to get everything
an amazing way to let people know wat is the use of "war"
do we really need it?
(though i maybe a very tiny speck to even comment on this)