Saturday, November 12, 2005

Frontline (Angola)

While on assignment for The Globe and Mail, Canada´s national daily newspaper, with Isabel Vincent, a Canadian journalist, doing a series of photo essays in Angola titled, 'The war the world forgot', we
ventured into Papa Kitoco's asylum for the criminally insane and victims of war trauma on the outskirts of Luanda.

I came upon this woman, chiamed to the rim of a truck, who in despair raised her arms to the sky and began screaming...
I won the bronze medal for photojournalism from the SND (Society of News Design) for this picture in the SND 1994 awards.


Rana said...
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Rana said...

Wondeful picture of a psychotic. Reminds me of an Egon Schiele painting called Standing Male Nude with Red Loincloth