Friday, September 09, 2005

Postcard (Colombia)

The Boxer.

The picture (above) was taken in Palenque; a hamlet several hours south of Cartagena on Colombia's northern coast and home to a legendary boxing tradition. Alfonso Cervantes, known as 'Kid Pambele', one of this country's greastest boxers, was born in Palenque and for decades the children of this impoverished village have tried to follow in the footsteps of this boxing legend by fighting their way, literally, out of poverty.

The plight of the children boxers of Palenque became known internationally as a result of my my photos and in the picture posted, a young boy stops on a hot dusty track with his boxing gloves, under the hot midday sun.

The picture was also the opening image for my photo retrospective, held last year, at the Fundacion Santillana in Bogota
Photo: Richard Emblin (1995)

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