Thursday, September 08, 2005


Whale song

The whale song in my soul
is graceful and strong, a silent howl
in timeless waters flowing.
Dancing on the filigree
of the sea, vulnerable
and true, you wrestle with the
ocean's deeper blue.
Pale pallor and metalled fin,
you slip beneath Neptune's dominion.
With wrenching spine and tingling skin,
you are the queen of the trembling light,
mother of unseen night,
sentinel of gentle might.

Photo and text: Richard Emblin

1 comment:

Al Ream said...

Thanks for the thoughts of this poem.

Pardon mine? "Gold in Green"
Sunlight stream beyond a Palm,
Gold and Green in bond of one,
Burning pyre and balmy sweat,
Skyward turning, calm and wet.

Green and Gold in flowing light,
Gold in Green and glowing bright.
Sun and frond convene ashore:
Stunning blonde and green rapport.