Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Journal (IV)

Among the Gods and the 'cybergods' in southern India. Home to magnificent temples such as Hassan and Halebur, near the 'silicon valley' of Asia, the booming computer city of Bangalore.

I returned to India in 2003, for a short visit, after ten years. It was another country. Yet the beautiful traditions of India just don't change, such as the way one is received and greeted by strangers. Everywhere I went I was garlanded with gifts.

Here, at the entrance to the 2000 year old religious temples of Halebur, with my garland of wrapped coconuts and flowers.


Frostmushroom said...

I almost wish I was you.
I'm so envious.
I'd love to go to the places you've been. See the things you've seen. Meet the people you've met.

(If you're wondering why I don't completely wish I was you, it's because I think I'd like to have my own experiences.)


Richard Emblin said...

Dear Katie. keep me in your cyber life and I am sure you're going far...