Monday, January 02, 2006

Postcard (Colombia)

Going to the market in San Vicente del Caguan, in southeastern Colombia. I shot this picture which shooting on assignment for Time, this Colombian boy and his horse. A beautiful picture to start a new year in cyberspace.


Paul said...

Great photos! Is that a real pig in this picture. Check out my photos on my blogs. Cheers!

Debbie said...

Brings a whole new meaning to "This little pig went to the market" for me.

Thank you! :)

Lisa Francisco said...

I love your site. I'm actually planning on moving to Cartagena, Colombia at the end of this year. so I'm glad I bumped onto your site. since you do photography, a site I bumped upon is It's a cool site. keep up your site and give more info on colombia if you can. thanks!

oh my site is