Thursday, January 12, 2006


This is my final post from New York, and just when I shut down my gallery blog 'The Girl in the picture', I came across her...sitting at the end of the linoleum counter at The Empire Diner in Chelsea. A small tribute to the American realist painter of the inter-war period, Edward Hopper (1882-1967). Another visit ends to this great city, and I am excited about working for 5W Mignon-Media. Media consultants in this digital age. I will also dedicate time to building up blogs as a scource of content and research. Check the 5W Mignon media Spanish blog for updates in what is happening in media, in the spanish-speaking region and around the world.


Rana said...

Love those Chelsea diners, among other places in NY. I hope your job turns out to be just as good as your holidays.
I've seen your new blog (iporn), and I totally agree with the idea that amateur photography can be art. Of course, it depends on your definition of it. Interpretations thru images of pleasure and erotism, are definitely art for me.

juliana said...

Richard! This seems like a tribute to Edward Hopper too?