Monday, May 29, 2006

The Last Edwardian

It was then that I came to a great realization and sense of purpose in my life. In the darkest night, there is always a light. Suriya. The sun bat god. The great deceiver. The unrequited dream.

I knew that destiny was tearing me apart. I had two lives. My life with her, and my life
alone. Pleasure, flesh and an ordinary life which faded like silver plates, scratched with the passing of time. So, I was perpetually crossing to the other side. Running. I was running from something. myself. And then there was the war, the entrenchment, between the life I wanted to live, and the life I was to live. And they were never going to meet. There is only one me. This is my diary.

I wandered in and out of time. Moments of happiness came, but greater moments
of despair and deception, came and went also. I went beyond. My life was the searching for the impossible love. The girl in the picture, the night well spent.

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John said...

what a great bit of writing, and a great photograph to boot.