Thursday, April 06, 2006

A shot from the past

Venezuela has always brought fond memories for me. I came back this week from Caracas, the city where I was born, and spent many happy years as a child, and now after many trips and adventures all over the world, I find myself working for the Caracas based newspaper, The Daily Journal, which has been circulating for over sixty years, here in Colombia as the new Editorial Director. It was an intense week for me, but I will close the week, with a shot from the past, of me as a child, standing near the sea in Coro, Venezuela, at sunset. The picture was taken in 1972. Kodachrome 64.


Ratzfatz said...

Have a nice Weekend!!


shadows said...

a real cute photograph .... old are u ?

julianafor said...

Saludando ando! En que lugar del planeta te encuentras ahora?