Sunday, March 05, 2006

The subway poems : I have spent the sun

I have spent the sun
wisely, seeking nothing in particular
among treasures in an antique barn.
And yet, I am sure I would have
found her among the trinkets glistening
in the sun, that I am
spending wisely.

And if I had her, I too
would trade her in for gold
in an old man's bag.
I would barter my dull redemption for a
chance to paint a Caravaggio on a chalk-stained

I have spent the sun wisely
hunting for polished words
among the craggy shelves of an antique
bookstore. Then, I brankrupt
the night, selling love
in a box of chocolates
, in black-out bars
and chrome cars to some Mary
with angry tears who stumbles through

midnight's door, into the arms of her young
messiah on Hemingford Road.

I have spent the sun wisely,
stumbling down the wet lanes of
our this our new Jerusalem, to the place
where I lost her
and although
she will never return,
I have
resurrected her on this,
the third
day and I will find her
again, among
the morning merchants
spending the
sun so, wisely.

Richard Emblin. Islington, London 1989.

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