Monday, February 20, 2006


On Colombia's northern coast, exists the Cienaga of Santa Marta, a large body of water, with a delicately balanced ecosystem, of sea and fresh water. The Cienaga borders hamlets and towns such as Fundacion, Aracataca, and Cienaga, which have gained international recognition thanks to literary works of Colombian nobel writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez with novels such as, Love in the time of cholera and One hundred years of solitude. This literary landscape of magical realism, is refered to as 'Macondo' - a place where the fantastical meets the real. On the Cienaga, everyday, fresh water has to he hauled great distances in wooden boat - known as 'bongos' - to the inhabitants who live in the palafitic villages of this watery world. Here, in the picture, I am crossing the Cienaga, with a bongo full of fresh water to the town of Nueva Venecia- New Venice.


Rana said...

Great image of movement, I can almost hear the wind blowing through my ears. You've captured a truly magical place.

julianafor said...

Me encanta la luz que tiene esta foto.