Friday, October 28, 2005

The voyage

After almost six years as the Photo Editor for EL TIEMPO, Colombia's largest daily newspaper, I am moving on. The voyage for me begins. It is time to seek new horizons and live a little more. This picture closes a chapter in my life, as it portrays the plight of a displaced mother and her child, heading up the Atrato River, on Colombia's western coast, on a humanitarian riverboat called La Arca de NoƩ, Noah's Ark.

Beyond irony, is hope. The only riverboat that is allowed to navigate the turbulent waters of the Atrato, where left wing rebels from the FARC fight right wing paramilitary deathsquads, is Noah's Ark. A lifeline in this country's fourty year old civil war.

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Ratzfatz said...

Hi Richard,

great fotos! I´m impressd ...